Rise in magnet fishing causing concern

Published: Tuesday, 21 August 2018

THE rise in magnet fishing in the canals is causing concern to the authorities after grenades and guns are being dragged out by the strong magnets.

Two 'live' grenades were fished out of the Huddersfield Narrow in the town, together with an Uzi sub-machine gun, with live ammunition found in other waterways around the country, with the authorities believing someone is going to be injured should such as a live grenade be taken home and interfered with.

WW2 arms

Two men magnet fishing on the Grand Union Canal at Warwick dragged out a cache of WW2 arms that included eight guns including revolvers and rifles that had been broken-up before being dumped in the canal.

It was the England rugby player James Haskell that highlighted the new 'sport' earlier this year, but already two people have died who were magnet fishing around the Huddersfield area, they believed to have fallen in and drowned. (Mystery of drowned father and son in canal).

Police warning

The police are warning about dangerous objects, such as the grenades, advising people not to take them home as souvenirs and tamper with them.