Is the Anderton Lift open or not?

Published: Wednesday, 15 August 2018

THERE is yet another strange stoppage notice from Canal & River Trust concerning the Andertaon Boat Lift.

But alas, though it tells the Weaver is open, it does not state if the Anderton Lift is, only that it is being worked on, Keith Gudgin tells us.


But it does state there is a restriction and that 'we are currently working in isolated operation, using one caisson, rather than in balance with two caissons moving at the same time'.

Yet, when we were given the 'tour' at the re-opening of the lift in 2002 the engineers told that it was a balance system with one caisson balancing the other, so not able to operate independently...

Private passage

There is some hope that it is open as we are also told that private passage will not be available until 12:10pm yesterday, Tuesday.  Though what is meant by 'private passage' is not stated.

It really is time someone who understood the workings of the waterways was put in charge of stoppage notices so proper explanations can be given as in the past.