IWA raised concerns about water supply

Published: Monday, 25 December 2017

AN Inland Waterways Association statement has warned about the water supply to the BCN.

An IWA statement informs that 'The Association has raised concerns with Canal & River Trust after being advised that water from Chasewater Reservoir, which is a major water supply to the BCN, was terminated by the owners, Staffordshire County Council, earlier in the year and that no water has been available to Canal & River Trust's canal network from the reservoir since the Spring' wrintes Bill Ridgeway.


Continuing: 'On further enquiry, it has come to light that the valve that should be used to control the water has been inoperable for a number of years'.


This begs the questions:

1/. are there two valves, one which allowed water through up to Spring this year and one which 'has been inoperable for a number of years'?

2/. if water is now not flowing through either valve where is it all flowing to now?

3/. if the valve has been inoperable for a number of years why hasn't CaRT noticed that it is not getting any water from that source?

I am puzzled!

Bill Ridgeway