Apprehension at Canal & River Trust

Published: Thursday, 14 December 2017

A LONG serving manager at Canal & River Trust tells us that there is great apprehension amongst fellow managers in fear of loosing their jobs at the Trust.

With a promise that we would not disclose his identity, he tells us that the whole management at the Trust is in a state of disillusion at not knowing whether or not they have a future in view of the latest consultation.

Over 50 will lose their jobs

He tells us that very few know what is happening nowadays with a new consultation looming and understanding that over 50 managers will lose their jobs and will have to re-apply for what many believe will then be a completely restructured position that will include extra responsibility at no extra remuneration, he stating:

"Since the new CO came in there have been numerous extra managerial positions created, that have little to do with the running of the waterways, and I believe it has now been realised that these are becoming a cost liability and creating bad publicity, that is not going down too well, so they are to be combined with other positions to cut down the cost, but it is feared that this is certain to result in redundancies."

1t willow Grange"I am one of the few long standing people here right from when it was British Waterways at its old Willow Grange Watford headquarters (pictured) when all we were concerned with were the waterways, but since it turned into a charity it seems to have completely lost sight of its purpose, with all those extra positions created, that have proved to be nothing more than a drain on resources, hence another consultation, that we all know is the usual smoke screen for decisions that have been made by the few in control."

200 extra staff

The manager tells us that there has been a tremendous 'movement' of staff, coming and going, he calculates that 292 new staff have been added since the charity was formed, but many in positions that are completely detached from its core responsibility.

He tells us that it is not only managers that are worried, but many office staff too are concerned about their jobs, it being 'bandied about' that the bulk of its actual waterway staff are now gone, including lengthmen, lock keepers and maintenance people, that have been completely lost or replaced by contractors, so they will be next in line and await the next 'consultation' in trepidation.