Money to rebuild Buckingham Canal bridge

Published: Wednesday, 29 November 2017

THE Buckingham Canal Society have been awarded a LEADER grant of £72,039 towards the costs of rebuilding the former canal bridge at Cosgrove.

This is a part of the overall restoration work of the Buckingham Canal canal from Cosgrove to Buckingham. The bridge rebuilding project is also supported by a £10,000 legacy grant from the Northampton Branch of Inland Waterways Association, along with direct fund raising by the society.

cosgrove 1969Volunteers

Volunteers will be rebuilding the bridge blocking the Buckingham Arm of the Grand Union canal prior to the site being excavated last year.

The rebuilding will start with preparations this winter and actual brickwork over the Summer in 2018. The team also anticipate re-watering the canal for approximately a further 300m whilst they formulate a multi million pound bid for the new channel to mitigate the section lost to housebuilding.

The photograph shows the original bridge that was demolished in the 1970's,