MP supports licensing

Published: Friday, 11 January 2013

BOATERS are contacting their MPs about the directive from the Environmental Agency for boaters using its waters to be licensed, and it seems MPs are in favour.

Dave Bradshaw is a continuous cruiser, and was concerned about the new directive from the Environment Agency, (though we are not aware of this) so wrote to his Member European Parliament Giles Chichester, and discovered he was in favour of such boater licensing before anyone can take a boat out.

Originally opposed

In his letter, Giles Chichester pointed out that he was originally opposed to such licensing when he boated some 30 years ago, but goes on:

"However when I see and hear about of the decidedly incompetent behaviour of people in charge of private boats I am drawn to the conclusion there should be licensing as with cars."

He sees a merit in trying to establish common standards throughout the EU.