Not the whole picture

Published: Friday, 11 January 2013

A Water authority has issued advice regarding hose pipes used for filling water tanks on boats, but not the whole picture.

Whilst it has warned of the dangers of Legionnaires' Disease, by the water left in a coiled pipe left connected to a tap, it has overlooked the very possible carcinogenic risk of cancer from garden hose pipes that are mainly used for filling the tanks on boats.

Garden use

These hoses are purely for garden use, and anyone constantly using such for filling a water tank will have seen the small black pieces in the water, which are bits of the pipe, which it is has been stated are cancerous.

Whilst Legionnaires' Disease can easily form in a coiled hosepipe left with stagnant water having one end connected to a tap, that can multiply at temperatures between 20oC and 45oC—easily reached in the sun—think about the dangers of the garden hosepipe itself.


In fact boaters  risk prosecution under Water Supply Regulations, as it is an offence to use a hosepipe connected for a permanent supply, and is a criminal not a civil offence.

But think also of the pipe itself, and get yourself a 'flat' one (pictured) that is clearly marked 'For Food Use', and protect yourself.