Three more canal closures today

Published: Monday, 04 September 2017

MORE boaters are going to be affected by closures today, Monday, as three more canals are closed, due to one reason or another.

Of course, one is the Kennet & Avon, with the pumps failing again at Wooton being unable to fill the summit pound, Keith Gudgin tells us, for the umpteenth time this year, with boaters asking why the pumps are not replaced with those capable of keeping the summit pound supplied with water.

Whole canal closed

It is the Aston again, this time the problem with a cill, but we are not advised which lock is out of action, something we come to expect these days. All we are told is that the whole canal is closed from locks 1 to 18.

But worst of all it looks like there is a breach on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Dean Lock 90 at Appley Bridge caused by a 'leak' through a 'large hole' that appeared, that resulted in low water levels last Friday. Though we were promised an update on Saturday, nothing appeared, with the navigation still closed.