Not a 'charming and peaceful' life

Published: Monday, 04 September 2017

I WAS not at all surprised to read that someone who took up residential mooring in London did not get his 'charming and peaceful life' that he expected. writes James Henry.

With some residential moorings without the advantage of electricity and Canal & River Trust giving out continuous cruiser licences like confetti, there are forced to be generators as people want power and battery power is very limited if you are living permanently on a boat.

'Out in the sticks'

It is why mine, and many others boats, are seen moored 'out in the sticks' and so far apart from fellow moorers, as generators are a 'must' for the resident, and generators are noisy.

The fellow should have taken a stroll of an evening past the mooring he was considering, and would then have found out exactly that it was not at all 'charming and peaceful' as dear CaRT would like everybody to believe.