Heads in the sand

Published: Saturday, 04 August 2012

CONCERNING the number of diesel retailers giving up the sale of the fuel after the varying tax increase, many blame the Association of Pleasure Craft Operators for the problem.

My (personal) view is that some retailers have been scared witless, most probably by some members of the Association of Pleasure Craft Operators, who have had their heads in the sand since the onset of the new regulations, writes Roger Olver.

Not responsible

A misunderstanding that the retailer can be responsible for the tax proportion of the sale is totally unfounded, it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to make a declaration and sign to that effect and pay the appropriate amount at the point of sale.

If traders who genuinely understand the rules want to only sell at their set percentage split then they deserve to lose what small revenue they had from the sale of fuel.

Useful profit

The small profit they used to make probably went some way to cancelling out some overheads, and helped to bring home the bacon at the end of the year.

Scaremongering by a few of the outlets that have lost the plot must not be allowed to force these small but vital diesel suppliers to go by the wayside.