Victor is right this time

Published: Monday, 27 November 2023

VICTOR is getting some complaints with his latests offering.

Not only of him making a hash of his 'inconsiderate boating' article, telling of Canal & River Trust's latest  reason for stoppages, as Peter Bolton told, but also of his word 'nesh'.

What the word means

This has brought in a number of you asking what the word means, as you cannot discover it in either a spell checker or dictionary on the internet.

But the reason for that is simple as these are mostly American, that do not contain anywhere near the number of English words our own real dictionary contains, 'nesh'  being one of them.

Take a look in a recognised dictionary such as Nuttall's Standard Dictionary of the English Language and you will find: nesh - soft - delicate - squeamish.

Someone who does not like the cold!