CaRT's people shown how to make chapatis

Published: Thursday, 26 January 2023

IF HELD up anywhere you will be pleased to learn CaRT's employees can help with your food, as Steve M reveals:

Just in case any of our boaters, walkers, cyclists or fisherman, licence payers, friends of the trust, donators, national lottery players should ever be stuck.

Worry no more

And wish to know how to make a chapati, worry no more as staff may not be trained in sorting out the waterways and fixing the short-comings of locks.

But team building in the art of chapati making will come in handy should any of you need help. Just ask a CaRT worker, for they'll know what to do, according to an article in CaRT's very own news monthly, The Source...

[Steve, now an ex employee, shown the article of workers being shown how to cook chapatis at Fearns Wharf in Leeds.]