What or who caused the Audlem problem?

Published: Monday, 27 September 2021

THERE was quite a discussion going on amongst the boaters stuck by the lock failure at Audlem, writes, Clem Foster.

The excellent photograph by Nick Grundy (I believed I spoke with him) clearly shows what has happened, the whole wooden structure has come off, with the Canal & River Trust people blaming a boater, but it seems to me, and to others stuck in the two queues, that it was just worn out over the years and simply broke-off. Photograph.

Seems boaters are resposible

But reading of the recent stoppages, it seems that we boaters are responsible for many failures, but having boated the Shroppie time and time again, I know who is to blame, and it isn't the boaters. I very well remember the problems with Wheaton Aston Lock that leaked so much it was near impossible for one person to open the top gate, with many of us reporting, yet it was not until it eventually broke that it was repaired.

So we know who is to blame.