Whaley Bridge warnings

Published: Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Allan Richards report about the ‘drop in’ sessions at Whaley Bridge typify, in my experience, the attitude of Public Undertakings to cower behind the 'abusive' behaviour pretext, writes Martin Howes.

To issue such a warning before the sessions are open points to CaRT Management’s total lack of empathy and constructive support to very concerned residents. 

Need to be reassured

The subjects to be covered by these sessions are barely relevant to the residents who need to be reassured about their safety and find concrete (no pun intended) solutions to the problem of the reservoir.

The cannon fodder staff being presented to residents should seriously make their misgivings to their senior managers who are shirking their responsibilities.  They no doubt will shy away from any such action, hiding behind the abuse and aggression shield.