Crazy Stoppage Notices

Published: Thursday, 05 September 2019

BOATERS are getting bewildered by the crazy Stoppage Notices from Canal & River Trust.

Here are just three of the strange such notices that have been received by boaters that simply do not make sense.

When was it?

The one concerning the sunken boat in Clitheroe Lock on the Grand Union gave an update received on Tuesday 3rd September and stated:

6 May 2019 Navigation at Clitheroes Lock 99 is now open. Sunken boat has been re-floated and removed from the lock.

And another

Another notice concerning Sheering Mill Lock that was closed on the Stort due to mechanical and electrical fault was also received on Tuesday 3rd September and stated:

Reopened 16th March.

Still another

Then the Stoppage Notice concerning the closure of the bottom of the Soulbury Three Locks on the Grand Union that was closed due to a sunken boat with yet another notice received on Tuesday 3rd which stated:

21st July Canal reopened.

As none of the notices stated when the stoppage actually occurred, they proved somewhat bewildering.

Coming thick and fast

It would seem someone at CaRT was having a bad day, but as boaters, especailly now, with stoppages coming thick and fast, whoever is in charge should really take more care.