James risking it again

Published: Wednesday, 13 February 2019

I DON'T expect many of your readers will remember that I was banned from writing in narrowboatworld after continuously complaining about Waterways World, writes James Henry.

Tom told me I was the only writer to achieve that distinction, but soon allowed me to write again, that I have done many times as a good medium for getting things off your chest, but not sure if this will see the light of day, as I am at it again, complaining about a very much self-acclaimed internet publication that I dare not mention by name.

Not such a river

It's front page proclaimed the 'Great River Ouse', yet there is no such river, it is the 'River Great Ouse' as I should say every boater well knows, and one of only two rivers in this country with the word 'River' as part of its name.

But what really gets me is that it brags about its news coverage, yet all it has is mostly official press releases from CaRT and the like. One week I did not see a single update yet it has such a good opinion of itself, but just does not compare.

Here's hoping...