What is CaRT up to now?

Published: Wednesday, 28 November 2018

THE Canal & River Trust now tell us that the Kennet & Avon is closed between locks 94 and 102.

This it tells is due to a major pollution incident with emergency services and agency partners on site assessing the likely impact on the waterway and surrounding area, Keith Gudgin reports.

Booms deployed

In view of this booms will be deployed by the Environment Agency at Tyle Mill (East of Tyle Mill swing Bridge) and Sheffield (West of Theale swing Bridge).

Craft moored between lock 94 and 102 are asked not to attempt to move during the closure period, to limit the spread of pollutant.

Is it real

But is it real? For the heading is 'Exercise, Exercise, Exercise'.  As usual with its stoppage notices these days, there has to be a certain amount of guesswork on the reader's, part...!