Cyclists' general disregard for all and sundry

Published: Friday, 16 November 2018

AFTER reading your recent article about cyclists' behaviour I thought I might add my observations, writes Tony Col.

As a visitor to the UK for the past 12 months I am struggling to put my opinions regarding the majority of UK cyclists into polite words.

Most courteous of all

Their general disregard for all and sundry is appalling. But to clarify, I am not talking about the young people who ride to school, nor am I talking about the not so well off who ride old bikes to work, they are the most courteous of all.

No, it's the 'middle aged' road warriors, on expensive state of the art machines that show complete disregard for all and sundry. They race down footpaths scattering all ages of pedestrian before them. They ride two abreast along the roads and expect motorists to accommodate their ignorance. They even show scant regard for their own lives, as they dress in predominately black clothing making it as difficult as possible to be observed.

Not capable

 I can remember when we allowed children to ride on the foot path, because they didn't have the common sense or skill to be on the road. I presume it's the same group, they are now older but still not capable of riding anywhere else than the footpath.

There are signs everywhere trying to encourage 'sharing' and 'responsible speeds'. The signs are put up by councils, Canal & River Trust and all manner of groups. I have yet to see anything from the bicycle associations suggesting their members be considerate.

Two wheeled maniac

My solution when confronted by a two wheeled maniac while strolling along the towpath is to move across to the hedge side. Confronted with the possibility of bumping me and ending up in the water causes 'some' to moderate their speed.

Long term I think you need to change your laws.

How about about decreeing that every incident involving a cyclist, (anywhere except on a official road where the road rules will apply) the cyclist will be considered to be negligent and fully at fault. They will be held totally responsible for all damage and injuries to the public and property.

Use the same threatening language

Councils, CaRT put that on your signs. Use the same threatening language that you use on your car park signs. Make it a condition of use.

You have decided to make the towpaths and other walking paths a 'Shared Space', you have decided to mix fast moving machinery with humans. It wouldn't be permitted in a work place, so why do you think its safe in public spaces?