Change for giant heads

Published: Thursday, 22 October 2009

THE two giant horses heads planned for the Forth & Clyde Canal, considered a waste of money, are still going ahead but facing a different way.

The giant equine sculptures, measuring about 100 feet in height and known as kelpies, will be turned to face towards the South East, instead of South. The equine sculptures are based on the mythical Scottish legend of water-based spirits or kelpies, and have been designed by Andy Scott.

They will work in conjunction with a proposed extension to  the waterway, and will nod as a lock operates, earning from Victor the name of nodding donkeys.

It is expect that work will begin next year, The scheme is co-ordinated in partnership with Falkirk Council, British Waterways and the Central Scotland Forest Trust. but the obviously increased cost has not been revealed, but was originally at many millions.

However we are told that the Helix project is part of the My Future's in Falkirk scheme which aims to create up to 4,250 new jobs and generate £50m a year for the local economy by 2012!