Unlicenced or unshown?

Published: Friday, 06 November 2009

THE two British Waterways business barges at Paddington Basin are still showing out of date licences as told in the narrowboatworld article.

British Waterways maintain that they are licenced, but its own rules state that licences must be shown, and in these two cases the boats are moored very close to its offices, as Del Brenner relates:

"I have been through Paddington Basin today, (Thursday) and Cowford and Fleming still have out-of-date licences on view. If they were licenced until June 2010 as BW say, then surely it could not have taken them a week to see that the licences were displayed. They have only got to walk round the corner from their office.

"By the way, as Fleming's licence expired in March 2009, then the new licence would run to March 2010, so I do not know where Jonathan Ludford got the reliable information from when he confirmed that it is licenced until June 2010.

"Its happening all the time, BW people just say whatever they like."