Frankton Locks opening time is not new

Published: Thursday, 25 January 2018

Your correspondent 'Has CaRT lost sight of its prime objective?' seems to think that the 12 noon to 2pm opening of Frankton Locks [Montgomery Canal] is new, writes Ray Butler.

On the contrary, it's been 12 noon to 2pm, ever since the canal was re-opened through the Site of Special Scientific Interest above Aston Locks 13 years ago.

Gives plenty of time

 For any competent steerer, leaving the bottom of Frankton at 2pm gives plenty of time to get to Maesbury, turn round and enjoy the peace and quiet (and the pub). Leaving Maesbury at 8 - 8:30 gives plenty of time to get back to Frankton while the locks are open, both leaving time in hand to deal with water, Elsan and rubbish at either of the two service points down there. I know, I've single-handed it several times

The restricted opening times are to regulate the number of boat movements through the SSSI section, a condition of having the canal open at all. So not anti-navigation, but a necessary compromise to allow navigation.