EA take a leaf out of CaRT's book

Published: Thursday, 21 December 2017

THE Environment Agency is certainly not accepting Canal & River Trust's claim for its navigations, retaliating by taking a leaf out of CaRT's book.

Now that the Trust has made its official intention to attempt to take over the Environment Agency navigations the Agency has retaliated by boasting of its investment in its waterways.

Ely RiversideBoaters will benefit

It claims that its boaters will benefit from the £1.4m investment in the Anglian Waterways, as a first shot at showing it is investing in maintenance as part of its improvement programme.

The work will include maintenance on the refurbishment of eight locks and work on other structures. (The picture is of Ely riverside.)

Generally however the locks on the Agency's navigations are in much better condition that those on the Trust's waters.