A new 'vision' for Nestlé factory

Published: Thursday, 21 December 2017

THE derelict Nestlé factory by the side of the Grand Union Canal at Hayes, we are told has a a new 'vision'.

The factory ceased production in 2014, ending 100 years of chocolate [not chocolate, but coffee, Kevin Lockie, who worked at the factory, reports] manufacturing in Hayes, moving its production to Derbyshire, Roger Fox tells us.

Nestles visionThe plans

In 2016, a partnership was formed by Barratt London and SEGRO, with their vision 'to create a new vibrant destination in Hayes; a place for people to live, work and enjoy. The plans will unlock public amenities for the local community for the first time, including parks, walkways and access to the canal, alongside creating up to 1,400 new homes (including affordable housing) and 22,663sqm of modern, sustainable industrial workspace—positioning Hayes at the heart of London’s economic growth'.

The Architects Journal adds to the information by stating that there will be a total of £1,400,000 for the canalside and Bulls Bridge!  The picture is an artist's perspective of the development, including narrowboats, canoes, walkers (well, one sat down) and a cyclist!

Nothing for CaRT

However, it does not seem that Canal & River Trust will get its hands on the money as it is mainly for urban landscape and improvements to the local road junctions, including the Bulls Bridge Roundabout.