CaRT pursuing 'continuous moorers'

Published: Monday, 11 December 2017

IN AN obvious move to pursue 'continuous moorers', Canal & River Trust is asking mooring operators to submit details of the boats on their moorings.

It maintains that this will ensure it is monitoring boats against the correct terms and conditions, and will give mooring operators the confidence that their sites aren’t being used fraudulently.

Visited mooring sites

Staff from the Trust have visited both bank side and marina mooring sites, followed by a list of their boats at the sites but concerned that there were boats listed that were not there—most likely our cruising!—and boats that were there but not listed.

The scheme is being organised by Head of Boating, Jon Horsfall who explained:

 "Our boat licence customer support team does a fantastic job making sure that boaters have the information they need to use the waterways fairly. We want to make sure that the data we hold for boaters is up-to-date, so that we can work with them as effectively as possible.

“The new mooring validation process will also be good news for mooring operators, who will be able to check that the boats on their moorings are the ones that are meant to be there."

Cutting down numbers

This will help the Trust's intention of cutting down the number of 'continuous moorers'—those on a continuous cruising licences who make no attempt to fulfil their cruising obligations, that reflects on the many that do.