Take-over is not in boaters interest

Published: Monday, 11 December 2017

I WILL first admit that I am no longer a member of the Inland Waterways Association, and refused to renew my subs after in joined with Canal & River Trust, as I have since found out so did many others, writes Paul Dakin.

It was the statement by the National Association of Boat Owners (that my partner has joined) that stated 'the only organisation that solely represents the interests of private boaters on Britain’s canals and rivers' that I feel is now only too true.

Championing CaRT instead

Looking back to years gone by at the IWA reports, it was 'hard on the heels' of British Waterways championing its members, but now it is championing CaRT instead.  How else can it be read when it wants them (CaRT) to take over (my) river, the Thames?

Mooring near the Kennet & Avon Canal we occasionally have a holiday on that canal, but have done so less and less as it is fraught with problems and the past two times we have been on it we have been held up by failures of one thing or another, as no doubt your readers will be aware of.

Absolutely stupid

Coming back to my point, IWA is backing CaRT taking over the Thames, which is absolutely stupid.  We have been on the Thames now for 13 and a half years, cruised its length many, many times and never been held up once, but how long will that last if the CaRT method of maintenance is brought in to play.  How many millions are they behind? How many hundreds of faults are there? How many canals are closed?

How is plugging for worse maintenance representing the interests of the remaining E A members it still has? This cannot be in the boaters' interest.