I will not be leaving 16ft gap

Published: Wednesday, 29 November 2017

THERE is one thing for sure, I will not be leaving a 16ft gap at both ends of my boat for anglers this winter, writes Sid Haworth.

I am a proper continuous cruiser and as many boaters are aware, though obviously those at CaRT in their ivory tower are not, there is a scarcity of good moorings, and there is no way 16ft can be left at either end to allow anglers to fish, and whoever thought up this crazy scheme has never inspected moorings.

Cut moorings drastically

With just short lengths near to shops and pubs, boaters are just not able to leave such spaces, as it would cut moorings drastically, that no doubt those at CaRT have not considered.  I don't expect they have thought for one moment that anglers in winter are very few and far between, it is too cold to be sat by water for hours on end, yet we have to leave space, just in case. 

Just another of its dumb schemes.