Another daft rule without thought

Published: Thursday, 30 November 2017

When I moved to my present moorings I was asked the length of my boat and thus given the space to accommodate it and charged accordingly, writes Jim Cracken.

But now we are informed that we must leave 16ft between the boats in case a fisherman wants it.  Looking at the average length of boats on the moorings, I calculate that this will result in six boats less.  As these are private moorings, will Canal & River Trust compensate the owners?

Getting grounded

Or does this daft rule relate only to Canal & river Trust moorings, in which case it will lose a lot of money or does it relate to visitor moorings in which case there will be even more boats getting grounded attempting to moor on undredged canals, as most now are.

No one seems to know, which well confirms it is indeed another daft rule without thought.