Stuck on the Leicester Section

Published: Wednesday, 01 November 2017

A FRIEND told me about your site and that someone had gone up the Soar to get to Norton Junction but learned it was closed having reaching the outskirts of Leicester, and having to turn back, writes Bill Grant.

I am in the same position, but got right through Leicester when some people at Aylestone Mill Lock asked me where I was going, for did I know I could not get past Kings Lock as it was all permanently closed?  Upon which I contacted a friend who is in the know and who confirmed that it was shut and I would not be able to get through.

This made me very angry indeed, for I had travelled many miles and through many locks from the Trent and yet I saw not a single notice saying the Leicester Section was closed, and I learned it was not a recent closure either but had been shut for weeks.

This means I have to struggle back as a single hander through all those broad locks and those on the Trent & Mersey, then down the Coventry and the Oxford to reach the Grand Union then to Norton Junction, through Canal & River Trust not bothering to erect a simple notice telling the Leicester Section is closed.  If ever an organisation was mis-named as a Trust it is them, you just cannot trust them.