CaRT operating below minimum safety standards

Published: Wednesday, 01 November 2017

THE Canal & River Trust how now published a list of where it is operating below below minimum safety standards, admitting it has now reached over 1,000 instances.

It has also 'excused itself' from many of these failures by giving itself dispensation, so actually publishing a shorter list!

Forced to supply list

It was ultimately forced to supply its Navigation Advisory Group  with a list of instances where it was not complying with the minimum safety standards, but had not given the full list, instead giving the excuse that it had given itself dispensation for not complying with the safety standards in many instances. But the Navigation Advisory Group would not accept this and demanded the full list, though it is not known if it has yet been provided.

Nearly all of the failures to comply on the list relate to the period since CaRT took over from British Waterways, with more adding year upon year, now well over 1,000 instances where it is operating below the minimum safety standards.

List will get longer

Yet no plans have been published to reduce this number of defects, it being believed that it will get even longer.  Most of the listed defects refer to locks, including gates, paddles, handrails and ladders, where the minimum standard of safety really should be met.

The actual number of defects including other than those that do not meet the minimum safety standard, now stands at over 72,000!