Builder using Cam to sell houses in Northampton

Published: Wednesday, 11 October 2017

THE house builder Martin Grant Homes has been referred to the Advertising Standards Agency for using a photograph of the Cam in Cambridge to advertise houses being built in Northampton!

Even worse, the company has used two people on a street to depict the houses at its development in Northampton, but the street is not even in the town, Alan Tilbury reports.

Idyllic scene

Campaigners against the development have alerted the advertising watchdog, as the photographs in the advertisement proclaiming the development in Northampton are not even of the town, with one showing an idyllic scene of punts on the Cam in Cambridge.

The development is for a number of two, three, four and five bedroomed homes at the Buckton Fields at the edge of the town, with the only near waterway being the Northampton Arm of the Grand Union Canal.

Unknown town

The advertisement states: ideally positioned between historic Northampton and the picturesque village of Boughton. Though there is no photograph of the village just the one of two woman in an unknown town.