Anderton Boat Lift on TV today

Published: Wednesday, 11 October 2017

THE Anderton Boat Lift will be featured on television today, Wednesday, as part of BBC1's Antiques Road Trip.

Those taking part will take the lift to show their audience how it operates taking boats from and to the Trent & Mersey Canal and the Weaver, Alan Tilbury reports.

aw anderton liftTwo antique experts

Antiques Road Trip is where  two antiques experts compete against each other. Each starts with a budget of £200 at the start of the week, and vie with each other to make the most cash buying antiques and collectibles that are then sold at auction.

This is not the first time television has been present at the Anderton Boat Lift, but it is hoped it will be better, as when the cameras were at its re-opening after it was rebuilt the doors failed to open when the lift reached the top, so the boat containing the Press and dignitaies were unable to have their trip on the canal.  The programme is at 4.30pm.