Irresponsible anglers warned

Published: Friday, 16 October 2009

THE RSPCA is asking anglers to take more care when fishing as their hooks are causing distress to swans on the River Great Ouse near Ely.


One swan was discovered with two three-barbed fish hooks embedded in its face and neck, with one of the hooks lodged in the bottom part of his beak and the other was embedded in his neck, Alan Tilbury tells us.

They were joined by fishing line, which meant the swan was unable to lift his head or feed, and could have starved to death.

Serious injury

The swan's beak was slightly wounded, but the injury to his neck was more serious due to the way the barbs had penetrated his skin.

RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer Kathy Hornig related:

"If we hadn't been contacted about this swan he would probably have died as he had no chance of eating at all. These hooks cause a huge amount of pain and injury to swans and other wildlife.

"We are making an appeal to all anglers to please use barbless hooks and take their fishing hooks and line away with them. It's about acting responsibly around wild birds."