£500 millions canal corridor plan

Published: Friday, 13 November 2009

BRADFORD Council will take a stake in  a £500 millions canal corridor plan that will see massive development along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

An agreement is about to be signed which will see the building of homes and business along the canal corridor up to Shipley on the waterway.

The agreement is with Urbo Regeneration Ltd to develop a 100 acres of land, including a canalside development at Bolton Woods, which would form the centre section of the Canal Road Corridor project, which has been earmarked as one of Bradford's four main priority areas for regeneration over the next 15 to 20 years.

Working for five years

Urbo Regeneration has been working with the council for five years on options to use that section of the canal corridor.  The majority shareholder in Urbo is the timber company Arnold Laver, which owns a timber yard in Canal Road, but has agreed to relocate.

It is the same company that is behind the Chesterfield plan for a waterside development, again on an Arnold Laver property.

However, due to the present state of the economy, construction is not expected to start for at least three years on the Bradford scheme.