Stoppage notice gives 28 miles to wind!

Published: Friday, 26 January 2018

SOMEBODY at Canal & River Trust hasn’t any idea what they are talking about, writes Jimmy Lockwood.

The stoppage notice on the 25th January tells the river navigation is open but the stoppage starts and finishes at Hazelford Lock on the Trent. It tells that the winding holes for boats are downstream at Torksey and upstream at Meadow Lane Lock.

28 miles to wind!

These are 16 miles of river from Meadow Lane to Hazelford; through three locks and 28 miles of waterway from Hazelford to Torksey, also through three locks.

How do CaRT imagine folks at these locations wind their craft, which, could be 150’ barges? They don’t go to Meadow lane or Torksey! They wind where they can!

Leisure craft can wind nearly everywhere on the river except possibly some points in the Newark Dyke.

Needs to 'get a grip'

Somebody at CaRT needs to ‘get a grip’ and use common sense when looking at waterways and not rely on a computer.

Oh! Sorry, I forgot that there are people in CaRT offices that clearly don’t have any common sense!