BSS certificates will cost more

Published: Wednesday, 24 January 2018

FOR the first time in eight years the cost of a Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) certificate is to rise.

The Management Committee has agreed a new four years business plan to resource its work to 2022, and includes the first price rise in certification charges for eight years, but will 'invest in improvements that will have an even longer-term benefit'.

Cost will now be £36

BSS Examiners will pay a new price of £36 (excluding VAT) for each certification they issue to a boat, which is a £7 (ex VAT) rise that they will likely choose to pass on to customers.

The new price will apply from 1st April, but it will be held for at least the whole of the four years business plan period, which is designed to coincide with the four-year lifespan of BSS certification, with Graham Watts, the BSS Manager explaining:

Cannot be avoided

"The Scheme’s track record on keeping to a business plan and controlling costs has been good with the resultant freeze in the BSS Certifications price for the last eight years, but having considered all options, a price change now cannot be avoided.

"Predicted inflationary pressures rising over the next four years means the BSS needs to invest in its information technology and training in order to maintain the efficiency gains we have already achieved. Above all, it’s critical to invest to help avoid the possibility of excessive inflation busting price rises in the business planning period beyond the next four years."

Additional support

We are told the new BSS business plan includes additional support to BSS Examiners, projects to improve the quality of examinations and enhancements to customer service.

The Scheme acknowledges that times are tough and boaters face other price increases associated with their boating activity, so we will remain committed to continued effectiveness and efficiency to hold down costs while delivering more results.

Influencing behaviour

Throughout the four years business plan period boaters will see further investment in influencing boat owners’ behaviours, which is the key to keeping people safe from serious harm.

The BSS will also continue to support research into the risks such as carbon monoxide, as it has tangible benefits for boaters, not least the sharing of the best quality safety advice in the most effective ways.

Certification income represents almost 90% of the Scheme’s revenue all of which is invested into the work underpinning the BSS Examination service, risk research and review and the promotion of boat safety advice.