The Lancaster problem

Published: Friday, 01 December 2017

ONE has to congratulate those who are attempting to connect what is known as the 'Northern Reaches' to the Lancaster Canal, but there is still a very big problem—the M6 motorway.

Notwithstanding problems thrown up by CaRT stopping volunteers working on the restoration of Tewitfield Locks, (pictured) there is still the M6 motorway blocking the route, David Grant reports.

tewitfieldLocksNot recommended to feint hearted

He was one of the few that ventured across the Ribble and back to explore the Lancaster Canal, walking up to the M6, and speaking to locals learned they had little faith in it every being completed, with one, a boater, telling the Ribble puts people off venturing up the link from the main system with the Lancaster Canal, with David agreeing it was a bit 'hairy', and he would not recommend it to the feint hearted.

Though some are quoting the restoration of the Rochdale Canal as an example of getting through a motorway, there was already a farmers' bridge underneath, that was 'taken' to get the canal through.