New photo competition

Published: Monday, 02 November 2009

OUR Autumn/Winter photograph competition started today, (Monday 2nd November), and is open to all readers of narrowboatworld, and will run up to the end of March.

Anyone who is not a professional photographer can send in an entry, with the chance of winning the prize of their photograph reproduced on 30in x 20in canvas and box framed. (Regrettably columnists are not allowed.)

The photograph above was the winning entry by Sue Wordsworth in our Spring competition.)

The reason for having such a competition is that many of you send in very good photographs for inclusion in narrowboatworld, and in this age of the digital camera it was a natural progression to mount a competition, the first of which was was the Spring one earlier this year.

The rules are quite simple:

1. The photograph include an aspect of the waterways in Autumn or Winter. (Any year.)
2. That the photograph has a title.
3. Two entries are allowed per household/email address.
4. That the photograph is the copyright of the person entering it, and that its entry implies permission for it to be reproduced in narrowboatworld.
5. Simply attached your jpg to an email, using the Email link above with the word 'competition' in the subject line, and include your full name. Please note that all the photographs will be published in the Gallery of narrowboatworld to allow readers to view the entries. Please do not enter if this is not acceptable.

Independent judges

The judging will be by separate independent judges, as previously, each of whom will be sent the entries and then awarding points for what they choose as the best 10, in order of merit, with the photograph with the most overall points being the winner.

We do not believe a single judge would be fair, in view of the many aspects of a photograph—its reference to the theme and the waterways, its quality, content, lighting, composition, humour, etc. So the judges are a mix of people who will individually encompass these interpretations, and we believe give a fairer result.

Completely free

Like everything connected with narrowboatworld, entry is completely free and no advertising is involved!

By allowing two photographs, readers could perhaps submit an Autumn one now and a Winter one later.