Anglers will have it to themselves

Published: Thursday, 12 October 2017

NOW that the Leicester Section is closed indefinitely the anglers at Kilby Bridge will have it all to themselves, but I hope they do not claim sole rights, writes Geoffrey Downing.

Yes, I too was 'waved on' when I attempted to moor where the anglers were permanently ensconced at the boat moorings at Kilby Bridge a while back, but unlike your other correspondent I was travelling down so moored further along, but I did walk back and tell the anglers that those things sticking out of the ground were to moor boats to and fishing was not allowed.

Fishing at KilbyHasty retreat

All I got back was 'first come first served', so as another angler, somewhat broad in the beam was approaching, I thought 'discretion was the better part of valour' and beat an hasty retreat.  But what really worries me as a fairly frequent user, is that with no boats able to get up beyond Kilby Bridge, the anglers will take the moorings over completely. [Photograph by kind permission of Pat Gilbert.]

Yes, I have complained in the past to both British Waterways and Canal & River Trust, but they both want to encourage anglers as they are of course visitors, so I did not get much joy being peddled the usual excuse about contacting the angling club.