'Guillotine' RSJ to be removed

Published: Thursday, 17 May 2012

SUCH was the furore caused by the narrowboatworld warnings of the dangers of the RSJ  installed at neck height on Falling Sands Lock that it is to be removed.

It was Rod Fox's photograph, followed by those of our own David Hymers that first brought attention to the dangerous installation of the neck height, RSJ supporting a hand rail, on the Staffs & Worcs Canal lock, followed by our own comments on its dangers, taken up by many boaters that has caused common sense to prevail.

Head of Health & Safety

Our Pam Pickett can now relate:

"Having spoken to Tony Stammers, British Waterways Head of Health & Safety this afternoon, (Wednesday) I can report that the offending girder at Falling Sands Lock is to be removed.

"Tony Stammers tells me that the job has been put out to contractors to be dealt with within the month, although Tony comments that probably rather more quickly than this. In addition I understand that the offending girder is to be re-designed to come in at the same height as the bridge. It seems boaters voices have been heard."


British Waterways is to be congratulated on its prompt action to move the dangerous RSJ to a more sensible height, and it is expected it will take similar action on the safety issues of the other locks—another shown here in David Hymers photograph—so as to offer no dangers to unsuspecting boaters.

It is a great pity no other publication took such action in showing the sheer danger to boaters of these ill thought-out installations.