Two more towpath attackers jailed

Published: Tuesday, 30 March 2010

FOLLOWING the arrest of the towpath attackers at Islington on the Regents Canal, two more towpath attackers have been jailed.

This time at Shipley on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, that was getting a bad reputation with boaters and towpath walkers alike.

Lay in wait

The two, Andrew Hacking and Steven Simpkins, lay in wait by the waterway, pouncing on unsuspecting walkers and cyclists, robbing at knifepoint.

They threatened Kenneth Stewart, robbed him of his expensive bike it was told at Bradford Crown Court, with the result that Andrew Hacking was jailed for three and a half years having been convicted of robbery and attempted robbery and Stephen Simpkins two years having been convicted of robbery.

Spotted the robbers

The police were quickly at the scene, and drove the victim around Shipley, where he spotted the robbers, who were immediately arrested.

A great deal of crime on the towpaths has been reported over the past few years, but these continuing convictions should make them safer places.

Shipley is only about 16 miles from Skipton which was getting a bad name amongst boaters, owing to attacks and vandals, with the possibility of the annual waterway festival being cancelled, but extra patrols and now these convictions have encouraged boaters to stay in the town again, and the festival will now be held.