Symptom of a much larger malaise

Published: Monday, 16 March 2015

VICTOR charts various ways in which BW and now CaRT have wasted money over the years, writes Bill Ridgeway.

To put this into a national context one must raise the question 'is there something else everybody is forgetting about?'

Appeared good ideas

A similar analysis would show that the National Health Service (management not front line) has also wasted a lot of money with various top managers coming up with what, in theory, appeared to them to be good ideas which, in turn were superseded by more good ideas.

This is mirrored in many other national organisations and local government. It would seem the top people get their way because they are the top people. Many have not come up through the ranks and, therefore, may have a good education but do not have practical experience.

Have more practical experience

They do not value, and therefore do not ask for input by people at the lower end of the organisation, who have much more practical experience and the schemes are not fully tested. In other words the CaRT situation is just one symptom of a much larger malaise.