Floating market for Olympics

Published: Wednesday, 18 July 2012

BUSINESS boaters have taken advantage of CART's offer of moorings on the Regents Canal, and will be offering their wares at Mile End.

The boaters will be offering a wide variety of goods and fare to visitors, and are hoping to take advantage of visitors to the Olympics, taking a stroll along the waterway.

Mile away

The floating market will run from the 20th July to 16th August, trading on the Regent's Canal, just a mile away from the Olympic Stadium, with the waterway a designated official Olympic walking and cycling route, with Victoria Park, a short stroll from the market, one of the official Live Sites.

The floating market will move to Little Venice on the Paddington Arm from the 20th August to 2nd September, over the course of the Paralympic Games and for the August Bank Holiday.

Jon Guest, London Waterway Manager at CART explained:

"This summer thousands of visitors from all over the world are going to discover the wildlife and heritage havens that run through the heart of London. The floating market brings together traditional narrowboats and customised barges offering books, handicrafts, fashion and a whole variety of food.

"The Regent's Canal is really going to be an exciting place to visit, whether you're passing by on your way to the London 2012 Games or if you want a fun afternoon out with friends and family."

The boats

The Floating Hat Shop—Modern and vintage styled hats and caps

Frocks A Float—a vintage boutique situated on a narrowboat in East London.

The Glass Barge—a wide range of fused glass jewellery, including pendants, earrings, broaches and other items, aboard their narrowboat Enchanted Moon.

Kismet—Waterways Wood turning, include wood-turned bowls, plates, eggcups, bottle stoppers, bottle coasters, pendant necklaces and earrings, bangles, light pulls, key chains, candlesticks, pots and wind chimes. Also makes wood craft items such as hair clips and necklets, log shrink pots, fan-rived and carved dragonflies and wooden gypsy flowers.

Marilyn—Sausages 4 Sail, specialises in barbecued Bratwürste sausages.

Rawlings Cakes—specialises in bespoke cakes made without wheat, eggs or dairy products. As well as the ever popular gingerbread. Cup cakes, loaf cakes and made to order birthday and special occasion cakes.

Ruth's Rolls—Selling pre-packaged goods, rolls, soft drinks, crisps and sweets.

The Sandwich Barge—London's first organic cruising café and chandlery service to the boating community. The menu changes with seasonal produce and mainly consists of freshly cut sandwiches, home made cakes, speciality teas and energy drinks. During the Olympics the Sandwich Barge will be focusing on traditional British food.

Stormvogel—the Herbal barge, is London's first Herbal Apothecary in 350 years! The Herbal Barge is a clinic and apothecary shop. It offers one-to-one herbal medicine consultations; kitchen remedy and expert patient courses; and its own range of botanical healthcare products as well as loose herbs, tinctures, ointments and sundries for folk to create their own remedies.

Vareska—is a new floating café on the Regent's Canal cooking up traditional Slovakian treats. Signature dishes including Kapustica - sauerkraut, smoked sausage and mushroom soup served with crusty bread, Vyprazany Zeler—battered celeriac steak served with a gherkin & potato salad and Plnena Placka—potato, garlic & marjoram pancake filled with chicken or vegetable sauté.

Word on the Water—The London Book Barge is a floating bookshop  selling a wide range of quality new and recycled books. In addition to a wide range of books, ranging from cult, contemporary fiction, classics, art and photography and non-fiction the barge has a rooftop stage, from which poetry slams, spoken-word events and acoustic music performances are showcased.

Zebra Boat—Serving up all the fun food of the fair, freshly made on the day, including ice cream, candy floss, popcorn and Slushies. Recently added a range of sweets to the menu, as well as freshly ground coffee, a range of teas and cold drinks.