Union's disgust at bonuses

Published: Thursday, 18 August 2011

FOLLOWING the news in narrowboatworld that British Waterways directors are awarding themselves a bonus for failure, whilst giving its workers a pittance award, Robin Evans maintains it is recognising the directors' performance.

Complained bitterly

He has told Unite, the union representing its workers, who complained bitterly that its members were receiving an award of just £100 to £200 for the year, with the announcement yesterday:

"The Board has recently decided to recognise the directors' performance last year by awarding performance related payments in accordance with government guidelines Due to the difficult economic conditions, the government spending cuts and public sector pay freeze we judged that we could only award pay reviews for staff of £200 per person for those earning under £21,000 and £100 for those earning above this figure."


At the same time, as we revealed Robin Evans gets £15,000 and the other directors £12,500, yet as we also pointed out the Board failed  in its maintenance spend; failed to attract more visitors; failed in attracting more boats.

The union is far from pleased at this state of affairs, and tells that its members can be assured that Unison will be expressing its disgust at the next National Joint Forum, however, in the meantime it will be writing to the chairman of the Board to protest against this decision.