Taking it too far?

Published: Monday, 27 June 2011

FOR those of you absolutely narrowboat crazy, you could go the whole hog and even be buried in a coffin the shape of a narrowboat.

Crazy Coffins of Nottingham specialise in all shapes of coffins, including one of a narrowboat, painted your own colours if you require.


At the moment though, a fire has destroyed a large part of its bespoke coffins, so delivery could be a little delayed.

For the footballs fans amongst you, you could even have a coffin in the shape of a football boot, or to get final revenge on someone who is never off the mobile phone, one in the shape of such.

Over a week

A bespoke coffin of an unusual design costs from £1,500 to nearly  £6,000, with some taking over a week to finish.

The company was started when a customer asked for a special design, and though at first it was thought to be silly, the idea of various shapes was taken up, and is now a flourishing business.