Legging time

Published: Wednesday, 23 March 2011

IT'S LEGGING time in April as boats are legged through Standedge Tunnel to celebrate its 200th anniversary.

It was 200 years ago on 4th April that the tunnel on the Huddersfield Canal was opened, and it will be marked with a special bicentenary event over three days.

Horse Boating Society

Members of the Horse Boating Society will be ‘legging' the tunnel on Saturday 2nd April from Diggle to Marsden, with the horse drawn boat  coming up through Diggle Locks. Whilst the boat is legged through Standedge at 1pm  there is the chance to join a four miles guided walk over the tunnel to Marsden to meet the boat at the other end.

On the Sunday 3rd April three boats will be legged from Marsden to Diggle at 1pm, and again a walk over the tunnel.

Legged back

On the Monday 4th April the three boats will be legged back through the tunnel from  Diggle to Marsden, this time at 10am.  And again the chance to join the guided walk over the top.

In addition there will be a chance for someone to win an opportunity to ‘leg' through the tunnel themselves, by taking part in a radio competition in the run-up to the birthday event.