BW help pay for marina feasibility study

Published: Thursday, 28 October 2010

THOUGH the Llangollen Canal is the most heavily used on the system, and the demand for marina berths has dropped alarmingly, British Waterways is promoting another marina on the canal.

British Waterways and the Welsh Assembly Government have agreed to help foot a £40,000 feasibility study for a new marina on the Llangollen at Trevor, even though those already built on the waterway over the last few years have empty berths, Alan Tilbury reveals.

Hard sell

It was in June that the idea was raised to extend the waterway at Trevor, just beyond the aqueduct, with a 'hard sell' campaign being launched that collected 2,000 signatures in favour of a new 60 berths marina at the site of the former Flexsys factory.

A member of the group promoting the marina, Yvonne Pryce, proclaimed:

"This is an opportunity to release the natural beauty of the village and call on the traditional and historical heritage."

The Plas Kynaston Canal and Marina Group, which consists of about 12 people, now hope to set up a meeting in December consisting of representatives from the  various bodies to push forward the idea.