Vicious towpath attack

Published: Wednesday, 31 March 2010

THERE as been another towpath attack in Leicester, which is particularly vicious, with two men punched, kicked and pushed into the waterway.

Two men were attacked on the towpath of the Grand Union Canal in Leicester as they were walking home in the early morning having been  approached from behind by four men, Alan Tilbury tells us.

Shouting abuse

The were repeatedly punched until one was on the  ground, then kicked, then both grabbed and pushed into the waterway, with the attackers then running off shouting abuse at the two who were homosexuals.

The two managed to clamber out of the canal, with one able to get help from the police, with the other taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary for treatment to his injuries.

Will not tolerate

PC Paul Smith, the officer investigating the incident, stated:

"Both victims were very distressed by the assault and one of them had to have surgery on an injury to his face. We would like anyone who witnessed this nasty assault to contact us immediately. The homophobic nature of this is not something we will tolerate and I hope that anyone who has information about the four men responsible will call us immediately and help us with our enquiries."

This attack was on the same length of waterway where a youth was attacked and robbed last year.