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Warning—Two Chariots!
Thursday, 06 September 2012 07:45

FOLLOWING our revelation yesterday that Water Chariots may have ceased trading (Chariots of failure?), comes the shock news that two companies with exactly the same name have existed and staff have not been paid writes Allan Richards.

LATEST—Water Chariots have now ceased trading, with the receivers having been called in on Tuesday afternoon.

Creditors need to take note and determine if they have been dealing with Water Chariots Limited with a company registration number of 07365092 or 08064572 (or both).

Waterways Chariots (07365092)

Water Chariots Limited (Registration Number 07365092) was incorporated on 3rd September 2010. This ties in with what British Waterways board were told at the November Board meeting 'British Waterways is working with Water Chariots, a new company which will operate water buses and commercial moorings at Limehouse Basin....'

However, Waterways Chariots Limited changed its name on 12th July 2012, to River Subco Limited. This change took place just two weeks before the Olympics started

Yesterday, a 'first gazette' was recorded at companies house indicating that action was being taken to strike off the company such that it no longer exists.

The company was set up with one director, Peter Coleman. However, another director, Denise Blackbourne was appointed on the 9th February 2011.

Waterways Chariots (08064572)

On the same date that Water Chariots Limited became River Subco Limited, a second Water Chariots was formed. This new Water Chariots Limited has the registration number 08064572.

William Doughty and Blair Jordan Lloyd are recorded as directors of the second Waterways Chariots Limited.

Cannot pay mortgage

The existence of two companies, both called Waterways Chariots Limited, came to light yesterday when a Waterways Chariots skipper asked for help because he was unable to contact anyone regarding payment for his services. Jeff Price is currently unable to pay his mortgage due to the debt, stating: (He gave permission to reproduce.)

I am one of the Water Chariots employees, as in your article not been paid and owed £842 and unable to contact anyone from Water Chariots to obtain this. There are also other employees who have been to Limehouse Marina to try and see what's going on, who haven't been paid and really don't know who to contact and who may have been involved in the funding this venture and if we may have any chance of getting what is owed to us. At the moment, over £800 is a lot of money to me and my family and has left me unable to pay my mortgage. I have copies of the invoice for my work am a qualified BML holder and am amazed at what an unprofessional company Water Chariots are/were.


It is not known if Canal & River Trust (CART) or subsidiary British Waterways Marinas Limited (BWML), who both have agreements with the old Waterways Chariots Limited, transferred those agreements to the new company of the same name.

For anyone wishing to contact Waterways Chariots Limited, we give both registered addresses below. However, in the circumstances (and bearing in mind that date is important regarding any claim) it may be best to copy both companies with any correspondence. You may also wish to take legal advice if you believe you have a claim.

From 16/7/2012:

M2 3AB
Company No. 08064572

Up to 16/7/2012:

(previously Waterways Chariots Limited )
ME2 1AB]
Company No. 07365092

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