More engine noise complaints

Published: Saturday, 08 June 2013

THERE is an ongoing dispute concerning boaters moored on the Regent's Canal whose boat engine and generator noise and fumes are making local residents' lives a misery.

There has now been a site meeting between Canal & River Trust and members of the London Assembly and other interested parties, with a report being prepared for London Mayor Boris Johnson, who lives nearby, Alan Tilbury tells us.


Members of the Assembly, headed by Environment Committee Member Jenny Jones, discussed the situation with residents affected by the pollution, together with the boat owners to find a solution to the long running dispute. (Boats must go.)

The residents have complained daily to the Town Hall officials about the noise and fumes, telling they cannot open their South facing windows, whilst the boaters maintain the complaints are exaggerated.

Cannot take action

Local councillor Martin Klute, who is getting many complaints about the situation, pointed out that if someone ran a noisy generator or created smoke next to a  house the council could take legal action, but not when on the waterways.

The moorings are close to Danbury Bridge and City Road Basin, and though legally just six or seven boats are allowed to stay for 14 days, now there have been as many as 20 boats counted, moored two and three abreast, and virtually permanent.

The excuse

The team was told by a spokesman for CaRT that efforts are being made to deal with the situation 'but being a charity resources and manpower are low'.