BW backs down over 'outrageous' affair

Published: Friday, 16 October 2009

BRITISH Waterways who put Tardebigge New Wharf residents' cottages up for sale without giving residents notice or first choice to buy, have backed down after an MPs involvement.

The first the sitting tenants  of the cottages knew about them being sold was when a 'For Sale' notice appeared, causing great distress, especially as they had neither been notified or given first choice to buy.

Contacted their MP

But the residents contacted their MP, Julie Kirkbride, who attended a meeting with them and British Waterways representative Tim Dalton, and it was agreed that the notice be removed and the sitting tenants given first choice to purchase their homes at 'book price'.

Of British Waterways decision, Julie rejoined:

"It was a pretty outrageous state of affairs before, but I feel the meeting was positive and the residents were treated as you'd expect people to be treated.  I was very pleased that I was able to attend the meeting and the outcome was a fair and sensible one."

A spokesman from British Waterways stated:

"A productive meeting with the local MP and representatives from the cottages was held and a way forward was agreed which suited all parties."